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At the beginning, stand on the stair climber and select the desired option on the menu. The legs move up and down according to the prescribed rhythm, and the pedals are driven down but don't go all the way down to the ground.
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How to use gym stair machine?

1.At the beginning, stand on the stair climber and select the desired option on the menu. Most stair machines have manual settings, or you can choose a program to run. Generally speaking, you can enter your age and weight to estimate the number of calories burned during the exercise.

2.The legs move up and down according to the prescribed rhythm, and the pedals are driven down but don't go all the way down to the ground. It is recommended that you keep holding the handle to avoid falling. The handle can be used to monitor your heart rate and help you stay at the right intensity.

3.The stair machine is easy to use, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and usually has less impact than jogging outdoors. They are generally more difficult than other cardio equipment. A 68 kg person can burn more than 300 calories in half an hour, and walking is about 175 calories. Benefits of stair climber.

stair machine

Benefits of stair machine

Low speed can effectively lose weight

Fitness stairs climber at 16% of the bank angle and speed. 3 miles/exercise at intensity hour, can reach the platform treadmill speed. 6 miles/hour training effect, which shows, on stairs climber the fitness does not have to increase Speed ​​can effectively increase heart rate to achieve fat consumption. When the user is using a treadmill to exercise and wants to achieve the ideal weight-loss condition, the user needs to run on the treadmill for a long time at a high speed to achieve this.

Double exercise

When a bodybuilder exercises on a stair machine with a slope of 15 degrees or more, the proportion of mobilizing muscle cell tissue to participate in the activity will increase to 75%, while on a platform treadmill, this data is only about 20%. This means that the exerciser can complete dual exercises of the cardiovascular system and the muscular system at the same time on the same machine. That is to say, when the user is using the stair machine to exercise, when the slope reaches 15 degrees or more, it will be able to effectively produce good exercise effects on the gluteus maximus, hind thigh muscles, and calf muscles, thereby achieving weight loss and shaping. Body, hip lift, and other functions. And the continuous mountaineering activity, although it is a low speed, also maintains an effective heart rate intensity at a slow speed, ensuring cardiovascular exercise.

Higher energy consumption

Fitness in a gradient of 16 degrees, the speed is 2 miles/exercise machine on the stairs hours, hourly consumption of 360 kcal is consumed three times within the same time the treadmill platform heat. Moreover, even if exercisers walk at low speed on the stair machine, they can effectively mobilize the aerobic system, give strong support to the cardiovascular and muscle active tissues, and accelerate body fat consumption. When a user exercises at a low speed on a treadmill, what we consume is actually the carbohydrates stored in our body, not the fat in our body. If we want to achieve the conditions for consuming fat, we need a long time Running at high speed. However, when using a stair machine, we only need to raise the slope to ensure that when we are standing on the running belt, we consume fat instead of carbohydrates stored in the body. In this way, the weight-loss plan that is difficult to achieve with low-speed exercise on the treadmill can be easily completed when using the stair machine.

stair climber machine

Reduce sports injuries

When we climb outdoors, we actually move our bodies to the top of the mountain. In terms of action, we look at the stair machine or outdoor hillside exercise is the same. In fact, the exercise of outdoor climbers is active. A lot of energy is converted into potential energy through the lower limbs of the person. The leg bears a large proportion and is easier. Causes short-term fatigue and leg stiffness and thickening. The movement of the person using the stair machine is passive, and more of the whole body joins the movement. Experiments have proved that with the same energy consumption, the stair machine can walk a third longer than the actual outdoor climbing, and the user will be much easier.

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