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Commercial Spin Bike For Sale | Suodun Fitness

Suodun Fitness is your professional spinning bike provider, please contact us for online transactions We are a professional aerobic equipment supplier, providing you with high-quality services throughout the process.

Spinning bikes are similar to bicycles in appearance and motion principle. The difference is that the position of spinning bikes is fixed, and the resistance of spinning bikes comes from flywheel inertia, magnetic resistance or friction force of brake blocks. The Resistance of bicycle comes from the road and the air.

The spinning bike from Suodun Fitness is safe and stable, with a load-bearing capacity of 230KG and runs smoothly. There are four grip methods, and different grip positions can be selected for different needs to improve training efficiency. The resistance can be adjusted arbitrarily to simulate riding scenes to meet different needs.

The handlebar and seat can be adjusted with one hand to meet different heights and adjust accurately.

Suodun Fitness spin bike is suitable for both home and gym, and it's one of the most reliable options whether you're using it to work out or keep fit as a professional athlete.

If you want to improve your aerobic fitness, then Suodun Fitness is the right choice for you. We also have a variety of aerobic equipment for you to choose , which is a powerful partner for your aerobic fitness!

The Benefits Of Spin Bike

In terms of fat reduction, spinning bikes are actually aimed at the lower limbs, and have a shaping effect on the buttocks and legs. The entire body can be exercised during the exercise. And spinning, the aerobic exercise, can enhance people's cardio respiratory capacity.

In fact, many people now choose spinning bikes as a fitness method, because even if they don't have time to go to the gym, they can buy one and put it at home, which takes up very little space. When using a spinning bike, you can listen to songs and ride with the rhythm to release your stress.

Applicable people for spinning bikes. Young people use it more, and it can also be suitable for resting people under low load conditions; large flywheel spinning bikes over 15 kg are more suitable for young people who love strenuous exercise.

Below is the video of Spin bike, we made for our clients for your reference.

Spin Bike Video