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List: SkiErg*3, Air Bike*5

This my friends is the ultimate cardio workout. I absolutely love it. When I do cardio I almost always use a heart rate monitor (strapped across the chest) and I burn by far the most amount of calories on this guy. In an hour long session I'm able to burn 900 calories. That's nuts. Even on my concept 2 rower, I won't get that high. It's absolutely brilliant. But you don't need to be on it for an hour. It's also perfect for short, high intensity training, and also for intervals. It even works to compliment a strength training routine, especially when done for 20 minutes at the end of your routine.
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List: Air Rower*5, Treadmill SD-860*3

The machine is fantastic for it's intended purpose. If you enjoy rowing, then this machine doesn't disappoint in that area. My knowledge of mechanics for how to row is entirely from watching technique videos on youtube. My natural inclination for the motion was probably 85% correct already, but it was good to see how it's supposed to be done to really do it properly from the start. I would say the motion felt quite natural after 25K and you only improve after that with fatigue being the real hinderance to maintaining form all the time.
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List: Stairmaster*5

It takes some coordination, but this is the best butt-kicking cardio out there! I used to do 45 minutes per day when I had one at my gym. It's a 5 star piece of equipment, but I knocked off one star for the price,if they give big discount, i will give 5 star, haha
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List: Treadmill: SD-880*1, SD-8008A*1, SD-100*1

I keep it in my dining room. I get to visit anywhere in the world where I want to while I workout. I'm learning about new places. I get to visit these places with my own personal guide and if I so desire, I can revisit as many times as I want all while getting my workout in! I can join different challenges if I want. I love it.
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