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Supplier's After Sales Service, Crucial to Your Gym

For gym owners, once the equipment in their gym is damaged, it must be a headache. This can greatly affect your gym business. However, if you purchase from professional fitness equipment wholesaler, this is a small problem.

  • 1.When we shipped, we have considered it carefully, and many easy-break parts have been arranged for you in case you need it.

  • 2.Professional paper and video instructions, detailed installation and operation instructions, to avoid man-made damage to the gym equipment

  • 3.Professional and fast air freight service. We have cooperated with DHL for more than ten years. Whenever the customer's parts are damaged, we will send the express delivery as soon as possible to help customers solve the problem.

Even if the equipment has passed the warranty period, if you are our long-term partner, suodun is willing to provide you with free and high-quality services, and the guarantee for you is also the key to the development of suodun.

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