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brand background

Suodun means achievement and strength. In Chinese, Suo (索) means the chasing achievement, and dun (盾) means strength ,This is also our original intention of producing fitness equipment.With this help, customer can gain health and happiness from workout.

The letters of SUODUN adopt a sloping design to highlight the beauty of sports and present the concept of fitness changing life. The overall black and bold logo reflects our company has the ability of professional, healthy, practical and progressive.


As a fitness equipment company with 11 years of experience, we focus on the development of health science and workout experience.

Beside High-quality fitness product and good after-sales service, we also promote positive working environment,which promise the whole company team is working in harmony. The perfect combination of top products, industry-leading services and a professional team is why more than 10,000 fitness centers in more than 60 countries around the world have chosen Suodun Fitness Equipment.

Helping people live healthier lives is not only our job, but also our passion. Providing you with high-quality fitness equipment is just the beginning! We look forward to your joining.

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Aerobic exercise and training is one of the sports that almost all fitness people will inevitably choose. The gym also has different types of aerobic equipment, which provides big amount of people for the gym.

In fact, if you choose your cardio training equipment wisely, you can spend less time but burning more calories while making a difference in cardio. Many people do not know how to choose the most suitable cardio equipment for their gym. If you also have such troubles, suodun will give you the most suitable advice.

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We have to clarify a concept, when you purchase fitness equipment, what do you consider most?


Well-known brands often have better quality assurance, but the excessive premium ratio often discourages customers, and some well-known products are known for their fancy appearance rather than excellent quality. All these have to be considered before making a decision.


Quality is always the core key of a product. Before you purchase, you should do the necessary online research, you can also go to the experience store to observe and experience it by yourself, so that you can make the right choice.

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Without safty , the sports equipment will be useless stuff. Only safe equipment can keep your store and gym open. Some safety hazards are not easy to spot, which requires you to seek advice from other gym owners who will be more proficient in this area. Of course, before use, you should also read the instruction manual in detail to avoid safety accidents caused by operational errors.

After-sales Service

After the sale, you can completely distinguish whether the supplier is of high quality. At this time, you can refer to the customer's evaluation. These are often used feelings and have a guiding role for you.

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If you are still confused about which fitness equipment to choose, I will introduce you to a few reliable manufacturers.

  • Suodun Fitness

    China fitness equipment wholesaler&manufacturer have been on the rise in recent years. They have branches in South America and the Middle East. The rich product line is its biggest feature, which can cover the low, medium and high markets well. Different from other manufacturers, suodun also pays attention to home fitness equipment, and can provide many small and convenient home fitness equipment to customers.

    Suodun FitnessYes/no
    Elliptical machineYes
    Spin bikeYes
    Massage gunYes
    Rowing MachineYes
    Various kind of product line
    Suitable for homegym and commerical gym use
    Cost-effective in the market
    Short product time and fast delivery time
  • Life Fitness

    Among the global equipment brands, Life Fitness is famous for its unique treadmill design. The advanced design ideas and unique shock-proof system have drawn the dividing line of the professional application of treadmills. The exaggerated dial and column design of treadmills are a kind of Domineering performance.

  • Technogym

    The only European brand among the international first-line brands, but it has an extraordinary development speed. Both aerobic and strength equipment have entered the top brands at the same time. In addition to brand and quality, technological innovation is also successful.

  • Precor

    Pico started producing fitness equipment in the early 1980s, starting with steppers. But what really made Pico famous around the world was their elliptical trainer in '95. On the global elliptical machine patent, no one can deny that precor invented it. Precor's innovation and professionalism have also made it one of the originators of cardio equipment, and there is no doubt that precor is the pioneer of the elliptical machine.

  • Cybex

    Cybex is one of the world's top fitness equipment manufacturers under Cybex International. Like Life Fitness, Cybex offers a complete line of gym equipment, from cardio machines to a variety of anaerobic machines.

    Cybex is known for its line of cardio machines, which has made the brand popular in spinning studios and cardio-focused gyms. One of Cybex's most popular products is the Arc Trainer, a professional cardio machine that burns calories efficiently with minimal damage to your joints.

In summary, there are many factors that need to be considered when purchasing fitness equipment. It is not high price equals good quality. Customers need to go to inspect and choose the most suitable product for them.

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