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SuodunFitness (Suodun Sports Equipment Co.,Ltd.) is a professional gym equipment manufacturer in china.We wholesale top-of-the-line fitness equipment for trainers, gyms, and businesses.

It obviously makes significantly more sense to wholesale commercial fitness equipment from gym equipment suppliers as opposed to spending much more for your favorite Cardio Machine.

We can offer you wholesale pricing for large quantity purchases and great prices.We wholesale gym equipment factory direct from china; save a bundle on a quality treadmill over what you would spend at a local sporting goods store for an inferior machine.

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If you're looking for a treadmill or other professional exercise&gym equipment at a cost-effective price, look no further than SuodunFitness Gym Equipment.

We have hundreds to thousands of commercial treadmills, elliptical machine, spin bikes, rowing machines, stair machines, massage guns and strength machines in the warehouse. Machines of all sizes are well in stock.

We can cater to all crowds regardless of volume or fitness level! Providing all of commercial gym equipment for sale for gyms, corporate health clubs, schools, hotels, home and more, including treadmills, elliptical machine, spin bikes, rowers, crossfits, strength machine and more.we are happy to partner with businesses and retailers to make your business better. Our company offers affordable wholesale fitness equipment prices up to 50% off.

brand background

Suodun means achievement and strength. In Chinese, Suo (索) means the chasing achievement, and dun (盾) means strength ,This is also our original intention of producing fitness equipment.With this help, customer can gain health and happiness from workout.

The letters of SUODUN adopt a sloping design to highlight the beauty of sports and present the concept of fitness changing life. The overall black and bold logo reflects our company has the ability of professional, healthy, practical and progressive.


Our Most Popular Fitness Equipment

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best commercial curved treadmill
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Curved Treadmill

Curved treadmill is a new type of treadmill, now become the solution for rehabilitation, improving physical performance, HIIT, group training and weight loss. It is designed to improve green Initiative for environment protecting.

This type of treadmill no need connect electric, speed is determined by yourself,it can burn 30% more calories than any other treadmill.

Unpowered treadmill's service life longer than regular treadmill and is much easier to maintain,it is the popular product in Suodun fitness and will be your best choice for wholesale treadmill.

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Suodun Sports focus on the research , development and production of fitness equipment. Based on the principle of integrity first, by serving customers all over the world, we have accumulated rich experience in service supply, and strive to make Suodun a better fitness company. To be a more competitive manufacturer, we are not a second-hand equipment dealer,not a refurbished of second-hand products, we are the creators of brand new and authentic products, where you can buy all kinds of fitness products from Suodun Sports.

The following are some of the more cost-effective and the most purchased fitness equipment:

Where To Buy Gym Equipment?

Jiangsu Suodun sports equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional fitness equipment factory in china. We manufacture and sell gym equipment by ourself because we have professional production technology and sales team. Since Suodun not work as a middleman for resale, that ensures our prices are not mixed with extra commission. Much Reasonable and competitive.

Suodun has a stock fitness warehouse for hundreds of commercial elliptical machine, treadmills, stair masters and strength machines in factory . but not all of our stocks are listed on our website, it changes daily so please get in touch to find out What exactly do we have in stock. If you have special request on order, please let us know and we can hurry up manufacturing to support custom equipment.

Our team have in-depth gym equipment wholesale market knowledge and are always ready to provide the best advice. If you kindly inform us how much space is available in your facility, and the roughly budget, our team can provide a variety of options based on your requirements.

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How To Buy Gym Equipment Wholesale?

Are you still troubled by the many crux of purchasing fitness equipment, which platform to buy from ? Which fitness equipment is more cost-effective? What type of fitness equipment is suitable for fitness enthusiasts like me? As a retailer,t which fitness products are more profitable to sell, etc. There are many types of fitness equipment with different functions. Choosing the right one can achieve your fitness goals, or promote your gym business.

Suodun analyzed the fitness equipment in terms of application scenarios, prices, functions, and applicability for user, and explained the functions and characteristics of various aerobic equipment in all aspects. Whether you are a beginner, a dealer, or a gym owner, The following articles will help you in your future purchase.

Why Choose Us

SuodunFitness is a professional gym equipment manufacturer.  We have over 7 years of valuable experience in producing gym equipments field, Price is attractive. Our staff has decades of experience in the fitness industry helping our company stand apart from the competition. Our factory Products cover diversified types of products. Wholesale Price For Treadmill,Elliptical Machine,Spin Bike,Rowing Machine, etc.

Quality Certification & Trustworthy, Professional Gym Equipment Manufacturer in China. Customized Top Commercial & home Gym Equipment With Best Price and Awesome customer service.we can manufacture fitness equipment in the custom colors you want, even adding your logo.We only sell directly to you.

We love finding customers outstanding deals on commercial and home exercise fitness equipment for sale.

R&D Team

First-class team of product development and rich manufacturing experience

Product Varieties

Providing the most complete varieties of fitness equipments

Customer Support

Our support doesn't stop after your equipment is ordered


Long-term and deep cooperation with many gyms, corporate health clubs, schools, hotels

Competitive Price

Excellent overall application performance and competitive price

Custom Design

Supports custom design.The experience is specific to you

Why Customers Love Suodun?

Since 2015, Suodun has carried out fitness equipment wholesale business all over the world, and its products have been sold to more than 30 country. So far, it has created many successful customer cases and solved the exact needs of customers:gym configurations of various sizes, home gym, hotel gym, etc.


List: Treadmill: SD-880*1, SD-8008A*1, SD-100*1

I keep it in my dining room. I get to visit anywhere in the world where I want to while I workout. I'm learning about new places. I get to visit these places with my own personal guide and if I so desire, I can revisit as many times as I want all while getting my workout in! I can join different challenges if I want. I love it.
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List: Stairmaster*5

It takes some coordination, but this is the best butt-kicking cardio out there! I used to do 45 minutes per day when I had one at my gym. It's a 5 star piece of equipment, but I knocked off one star for the price,if they give big discount, i will give 5 star, haha
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List: Air Rower*5, Treadmill SD-860*3

The machine is fantastic for it's intended purpose. If you enjoy rowing, then this machine doesn't disappoint in that area. My knowledge of mechanics for how to row is entirely from watching technique videos on youtube. My natural inclination for the motion was probably 85% correct already, but it was good to see how it's supposed to be done to really do it properly from the start. I would say the motion felt quite natural after 25K and you only improve after that with fatigue being the real hinderance to maintaining form all the time.
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How could Suodun Become famous in Fitness industry step by step?

A Our high-quality gym equipment earns our company a good reputation as best cardio equipment supplier in China

Good quality, Good business. Now in many country ,the gym owner Always talk about the benefits of Suodun fitness equipment,especially its Stylish appearance, simple operation process.

B Keep update machine design to be abreast of with Times

Fashionable design always attract customer more, based on this, Suodun fitness make market search every 15days, to ensure our design on first level.

C Leading business model

We not only provide high-quality fitness equipment, but also are committed to helping customers design gyms, professional industry knowledge to help customers improve profits.

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