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Commercial Treadmills For Sale | Suodun Fitness

The popularity of treadmills in the gym is almost high. Compared to the treadmills we usually use at home, the treadmills in the gym are usually commercial treadmills. Why do gyms choose expensive commercial treadmills? This is because commercial treadmills have the following major advantages.

Benefits of Commercial Treadmill:

1.High Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of commercial treadmills is larger than that of home treadmills, which can meet the exercise needs of most customers. Under the same force, commercial treadmills suffer less damage than home treadmills.

2.Long Lifespan

Commercial treadmills use AC motors, which have a lifespan more than 30 times that of the DC motors used in home treadmills, and can be used for 10-20 years.

3.Low Noise

The noise level of AC motors is generally controlled below 30 decibels, while the noise level of DC motors can only be controlled at around 70-80 decibels.


AC motors have no impact on the surrounding power grid, while DC motors can cause interference to the surrounding power grid when in use, causing lights to flicker.

5.Low Failure Rate

If the failure rate of DC motors is 10%, then the failure rate of AC motors is only about 2%, which is 5 times lower than that of DC motors.

6.DC Motors Have Sensors

If there is a malfunction, the motor will speed up and slow down intermittently, sometimes rotating and sometimes stopping. AC motors do not have sensors, and their performance is either good or bad, with no danger.

7.High Performance

High performance: The motor performance of commercial treadmills is higher than that of home treadmills. The quality and performance of commercial treadmills are higher than those of home treadmills, which is why gyms generally choose commercial treadmills.

The above advantages are the main reasons why gyms choose commercial treadmills. In fact, the most important reason is that for a gym as a commercial venue, it needs to receive a large number of people every day, and only commercial treadmills are sufficient and cost-effective!