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Curved Treadmills For Sale | Suodun Fitness

Our company offers three mainstream types of curved treadmills(also called non-motorized treadmills): commercial large-size non-motorized treadmills, home small-size non-motorized treadmills, and wooden non-motorized treadmills. These types are mainly divided based on different usage scenarios and functions. Commercial treadmills are more suitable for fitness centers, while home and wooden treadmills are suitable for use in households.

What is a Non-Motorized Treadmill?

The curved treadmill is a new type of treadmill that is popular in fitness centers worldwide. Its revolutionary feature is that it does not require electricity to operate. It works through gravity and the user's running inertia. The curved running surface provides a completely different experience from traditional electric treadmills.

The large commercial treadmill allows you to run naturally, just like running with your legs outdoors. However, this curved treadmill is more similar to athlete training. In fact, the exercise performed on this special curved treadmill uses more muscle groups than the traditional running method of many athletes.

How Does the Curved Treadmill Work?

The non-motorized treadmill is entirely manual and responds to the force exerted by the user during exercise. This means that the speed of the belt is determined by your steps and actions. The machine's curve helps the belt rotate under your feet and makes your foot and leg movements more natural. The manual treadmill provides the experience closest to actual running, making it popular among professionals and marathon coaches.

Advantages of the Curved Treadmill

  • No motor, saves on electricity bills, and is a godsend for people with limited space and no access to outlets.
  • Fewer moving parts, virtually no post-sales costs.
  • When you stop running, the non-motorized treadmill belt will also stop, greatly reducing the risk of injury.