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Walking Pad - Best Foldable Treadmill To Buy For Small Space

I think everyone knows the benefits of running for human health, but busy work, crowded office areas, will force us to compromise.

For office workers, is it impossible to exercise in a narrow workstation? The answer is no. In fact, the emergence of walkingpad has changed this situation. From the beginning of its design, the goal of walkingpad is to let those who likes running get a simple and compact treadmill, so that they can exercise at work, at home, etc. When not in use, it can be placed under the bed, sofa, or table, which greatly saves space.

And the weight of the walkingpad is normally less than 25KG, it can be lifted with one hand, and you can take it to the company. It doesn't take up much space on you, just a little bigger than a backpack, and you can carry it in your suitcase even for short trips and business trips, so your fitness plan won't be interrupted.

In short, the walkingpad is a small, light and portable alternative to treadmills. As an emerging product for basic training in daily life, its price is also cheaper than most treadmills, saving you money (you know a good quality treadmill normally not less than 1000$) also ensures the continuity of your training plan.

Best WalkingPad to Buy! SD-MINI-S

No more excuses for not having time or space to workout! SD-MINI-S provides a solution for you to avoid sedentary and increase exercise! This under-desk treadmill can be easily installed in the office and folded under the desk. Relaxing while walking and doing simple tasks ,it can boost your productivity and efficiency and keep you away from unhealthy sedentary work.

  • No installation required, it is fully assembled when you open the package, ready to use.
  • Maneuverable wheels. It is convenient for you to move around.
  • Led screen, real-time display of steps, speed, calorie consumption and running time, arrange your exercise plan better.
  • Feature: 2minutes auto stop without load. Even if you forget to turn off when you go out, you don't need to worry
  • Covers only 0.1㎡, economic space occupation

small portable treadmill - walkingpad

Product Info: SD-MINI-S$250Buy Now

Perfectly solve the fitness problems of your worktime and home life, whether you are sitting on desk or watching TV on the sofa, SD-MINI-S can make you stay active.

Treadmill VS Walking pad

Some friends will ask, if we are used to treadmill,when replace them with walkingpad, will my exercise habits be very different? Will the quality of the workout be reduced? For questions like this, suodun fitness will share some details to you here.

Treadmill compared with walking pads generally refer to foldable treadmill. This type of treadmill was originally designed to save space. Their running belts can be folded upwards, which reduces the storage space when not inuse. But in the actual measurement, it will take up most of your space when in use or even folded, and the walkingpad really realizes the dual convenience of movement&storage due to its compact size and foldable body.

From the point of using, they also have differences


Foldable treadmill: Although it is foldable, the weight is too heavy. It is usually placed at home. It is unrealistic to take it away on a business trip.

Walkingpad: As mentioned above, it is easy to carry and can help you maintain your workout.

The difficulty to get start

Foldable treadmill: generally equipped with handrails, which can help you maintain balance and provide more training posture, ensure safety for your fitness.

Walkingpad: without handrails, you need to get used to it for a while. If you are a child and an elderly person, you need to start with a professional trainer.

Heart rate monitoring + training plan

Foldable treadmill: It will have a display screen to help you monitor your heart rate in real time. If it is too high or too low, you should end the training, which also protects your life and health. This type of treadmill also has its own data, and will suggest a reasonable training plan to you to better obtain fitness results.

Walkingpad: The machine does not have heart rate monitoring, but it will adapt to the APP through Bluetooth, and you can view it through your mobile phone. Relatively speaking, it is not as convenient as a foldable treadmill.


Foldable treadmill: There is no safety hazard during daily running. When you fold it, it also has an integrated lock to ensure that the machine will not be opened suddenly. The only thing to pay attention is the power plug. If you have children at home, you must keep them away from the power supply.

Walkingpad: There is no potential safety hazard, and it is usually placed under the bed or under the sofa. Even if the elderly and children touch it, there will be no danger.


Roughly same level, No treadmills could be mute. Foldable treadmill and walkingpad, as mini treadmills, are much less noisy than more professional treadmills. Normal use does not make people feel uncomfortable.

Both the foldable treadmill and the walkingpad are excellent because of their unique functions, and now suodun fitness proposes a new concept, which is to add handrails on the walkingpad and install a display screen at the bottom, so that customers can better View training data. As a pioneer in the fitness industry, suodun always stand on the customer's side and constantly upgrades our products!

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