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Best Heavy Duty Treadmills With High Weight Capacity For Large weight people

The using occasions of heavy duty treadmills are mainly in gyms, enterprises and institutions, fitness clubs, hotels, commercial office buildings and other public places.

Benefits of heavy treadmills

1.The running belt is generally wider, basically over 60CM, while the home treadmill is generally under 50CM.

The width of the treadmill running belt directly affects the safety and comfort of running. The bigger width of the running belt, the bigger the exercise area, and it is not easy to step on the sidebars on both sides during exercise, and it will not cause accidental injury.

2.Heavy duty treadmills have a relatively large load-bearing range, generally over 400 lb, while compact treadmills generally have a load-bearing capacity of less than 330 lb.

For a big-weight runner, the experience on a home treadmill will not be very comfortable. Due to your big weight, you will feel that the treadmill is difficult to maintain balance. The direct result is that you are prone to injury and it is difficult to obtain good fitness results. But even if you are running on a large treadmill, its high load-bearing capacity allows you to feel like waling on the ground and help you get a good fitness time

3.Heavy duty treadmills generally use AC motors, while compact treadmills use DC motors; during the use of heavy duty treadmills and compact treadmills, the power of AC motors is greater than that of DC motors. A single run of the treadmill will also last longer, and the overall life of an AC motor will be longer than that of a DC motor.This ensures that the heavy duty treadmill has a more stable running experience and a longer service life.

For gyms that need to Treat large number of customer every day, only commercial heavy duty treadmills are sufficient and more cost-effective! If you have a gym, welcome to take a look at Suodun commercial treadmill.

Suodun best heavy duty treadmills

  • The treadmill adopts high-end overall design combined with high-tech concepts to enable users to have more experience.Provided for users with different needs Variety of choices.
  • The treadmill adopts a crawler-type running belt, which is formed by advanced composite materials as a whole, and incorporates a soft shock-absorbing pad to meet the requirements of high service life under strong load.Especially suitable for overweight people.
  • The gradient Incline is during 0-15%,decline:-3%-0,which is more effective to keep fit.
  • The vertical screen design is adopted to protect the spine more healthily.

commercial heavy duty treadmill

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