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Manual Curved Treadmill For Sale 2022
Green Fitness Without Electric

Why would you consider adding an unpowered treadmill to your gym?

There are many reasons why a gym should consider adding a curved treadmill to its area for cardiovascular improvement. Some benefits include:

  • Safer than traditional electric treadmills. Greatly reduces the chance of runners falling
  • Due to the interaction between the belt system and the transmission system, there is less friction and no heat generation.
  • The running surface is fundamentally different from the running belts on traditional treadmills, which typically use cotton nylon belts.
  • No power supply required. saving costs.
  • Respect the environment. 0 carbon emissions, green fitness.
  • Longer life than conventional treadmills because there are no powered parts. Usually 5-10 years without problems.
  • Maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. No after-sales troubles within 3-5 years.
  • Efficiently train multiple domains simultaneously. Full body workout.

Curved treadmills have brought a real revolution to the fitness world. Training with such equipment means experiencing a unique experience close to nature. Constructed without a motor and leash, this adjustment tool is one of the best in the world, improving a range of skills in multiple areas. This is also the star product of Suodun,it can even be said that people inquire about this best curved treadmill SD-8008A every day.

Suodun is a professional treadmill manufacture&supplier. We have over 8 years of valuable experience in producing treadmill field. Achieve your fitness goals with the durable and efficient curved treadmill. These best curved treadmill are offered at wholesale prices. Most Popular.Logistics Service. Wholesale treadmill in bulk from china suppliers with cheap price.We have three types of curved treadmills: Gym Curved Treadmill, Wooden Curved Treadmill, Small non-motorized Treadmill.

  • Gym Curved Treadmill
  • Wooden Manual Treadmill
  • Small non-motorized Treadmill
best curved treadmill

Treadmill Price

:  $1020
  • Introduce

    Best Curved Treadmill For Sale

    The first multifunctional comprehensive functional training treadmill that simultaneously trains strength, speed, endurance and agility.

    The resulting training method, first developed by technogym, Suodun improves upon this technique, allowing the user to improve his abilities.

    Those who train on the SD-8008A can improve their abilities and receive motivating and effective training like professional athletes.

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  • Specifications

    SPEED: 0-20Km/h

    Motion Mode: 1-8 gear, 3 motion modes

    Driving Mode: gravity action

    SIZE: 2000*900*1530mm

    Maximum Load: 180KG

    Gross Weight: 188KG

home use wooden manual treadmill

Treadmill Price

:  $800
  • Introduce

    Home Wooden Manual Treadmill For Sale

    Unique design concept color matching and steam lined appearance give the unit an elegant look,powerful yet modest character and nobility.

    European high-technology is adopted;self-lubrication system,digital transmission system,anti-skidding deviation running belt ensure stability and safety during exercise.

    High standard Natural wood material to make studio and home more elegance and fancy.

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  • Specifications

    Wood on Both Sides: Wood

    Running Size: 140*480mm

    Driving Mode: gravity action

    SIZE: 1430*830*1600mm

    Maximum Load: 120KG

    Gross Weight: 116KG

affordable small curved treadmill for home

Treadmill Price

:  $600
  • Introduce

    Small Moterless Treadmill For Sale

    Help you burn more calories, tone more muscle, and build greater endurance, and to improve your cardiovascular fitness, boost your health, and burn fat.

    Use gravity to start, accelerate and decelerate and control the speed freely. Control speed with your pace.

    Fine work,only give you the best experience.

    Affordable curved treadmill with small size to get your steps in at home.

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  • Specifications

    Driving Mode: gravity action

    Size: 1250*700*1250MM

    Running Belt: 400mm nylon belt

    Maximum Load: 180KG

    Gross Weight: 45KG

  • curved treadmill display 1
  • curved treadmill display 2



The self-generation control system on the curved treadmill converts the mechanical energy generated when the treadmill is running into electrical energy, realizes functions such as panel display, parameter setting, exercise mode selection, speed limit control, emergency stop, etc., and displays time, distance, and exercise speed in real time , Speed limit, heart rate, calories and other parameters, automatically charge the battery during exercise to achieve electrical energy storage.

The step machine displays real-time parameters such as time, distance, heart rate, calories, real-time speed, speed limit, etc., and can display the progress of the target in real time; pull-wire emergency stop switch, can be triggered by pressing and pulling.


This unpowered treadmill uses an arc-shaped treadmill to give you the feeling of climbing up on a concave ground, and you don't consciously lift your legs when you run. In the past, you used the traditional treadmill to touch the ground with the back heel, but now you can use the unpowered treadmill. It can help you correct your running posture and slowed the impact on my knees. The most important thing is that if you often want to give up using traditional treadmills because you can't keep up with the speed. Now you can rely on your own strength. You have the final say on the speed of running. It feels so cool.

The Curve treadmill is the solution for rehabilitation, high speed, HIIT, group training and weight loss. Improving running form and posture, learning to walk/run after trauma and increasing posterior muscle activation.

The most popular treadmill

Sought after by professional sports teams and athletes around the world, the Curve Treadmill delivers an unparalleled workout unlike any other treadmill.

· Self-discipline&no interference:Runners don't need to touch any buttons and no interference. They only need to change the body's center of gravity forward or backward to control the running speed and state. It belongs to self-discipline running, autonomous exercise.

· Comfort&improvement of sports posture:The curved treadmill effectively improves the comfort of the ankle joint and reduces the impact of the joints. Help improve the effect of sports, long-term training can effectively correct the running posture.

· Shock absorption&longevity: Adopt crawler-type running belt, which is made of composite new materials as a whole, with light weight, large bearing capacity and high shock absorption.

· Safety: Eliminating the need for running boards, reducing the damage to knees caused by running.

· Saving Money: Through the autonomous movement of the human body, no electricity is needed, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, saving thousands of yuan in electricity bills every year.


Suodun's Curve, goal-based, Responsive Training programs set your workout targets based on your current efforts. Using a unique Fatigue Index, each program adapts as you do, making every single workout the perfect challenge.

· Customized workout no matter the fitness level.

· Custom workout builder allows you to design your own responsive training workout.

· Train with friends or in a small group, with Responsive Partner workouts designed to store session speed targets for each user.

Benefits of Curved Treadmill

The curved manual treadmill (Our main advantage product) is a new concept green treadmill independently researched and developed by our company. It adopts elastic rubber curved treadmill, track-type running belt fitting technology, self-generation control technology and bearing transmission technology.

Using gravity to start, accelerate and decelerate, the speed can be controlled freely, which overcomes the impact on the knee joint caused by the heels of the walking belt during passive running, completely bid farewell to the traditional "passive" running mode of electric running, and realize the true meaning "Active" running. Feel the freedom of this totally manual treadmill while running or walking on the unique curved running surface where you are the motor. The Curve Treadmill challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill.

Unpowered treadmills use slope adjustment and human gravity to complete running training. There is no need to use motor power when running, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, advocates green aerobic exercise, and conforms to the concept of green aerobic exercise. At the same time, no power motor is needed, which gives the treadmill a longer service life.

Some friends will ask how fast it can run without the help of a power motor. About speed is actually the core value of the birth of the unpowered treadmill, its speed is not limited, the speed depends on your running speed, how fast you can run, how fast the machine can run. The material selection and process of the equipment making determine the life of the equipment. It is made of 316 stainless steel with a thickness of 3.0 mm and is welded with pure argon. Trapping and cleaning welds, the equipment produced by doing so has high strength and long life. Strictly speaking, an unpowered treadmill is a highly professional equipment. Most of the users are professional athletes, aerobic equipment for training speed, explosive power and endurance. However, we have added the resistance adjustment function, which greatly increases the scope of application, whether it is at home. Whether it is used for commercial use in the gym, or used for training by athletes, it can meet the exercise needs of users.

After-sale Service and Warranty

Regarding the product warranty, some similar products rely on cutting corners to save costs, resulting in a greatly reduced service life. The final result has become what we call cheap t buy but expensive to use. They promise a one-year warranty, and product quality Even if it can barely survive the warranty period, have you ever thought about the after-sales cost beyond the warranty? You need to bear the round-trip freight, the cost of replace parts, and the cost can reach several hundred dollars. This is also a lot of money. Let's take a look at the length of our product warranty. The whole machine is guaranteed for 3 years. If there is any problem during the warranty period, we will be free of charge. Provide relevant after-sales service, some friends will say, how can we believe that you brag about your products without evidence? That's because our product has stood the test of time. Since the product came out in 2016, there has been no non-human failure problem. The exclusive patented one-piece derailment prevention technology has greatly reduced the failure of our product. rate, we are so confident in our unpowered treadmill that we dare to commit.

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