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More than 1000 SUODUN fitness treadmills have been supplied to more than 300 gyms in the world since 2015.

wholesale commercial treadmill

Commercial Treadmills

Base on treadmill lifetime,size, max load bearing and the length of daily work, treadmill be classified to commercial treadmill ,light commercial treadmill and home treadmill. SUODUN fitness manufacture more than 6 classic commercial treadmill models.Since 2015, more than 1500 commercial treadmill have been put in clubs. And our commercial have get a reputation for reliability,comfort and durable.

wholesale home used treadmill

Home Used Treadmills

Compare to commercial treadmill heavy duty character, light commercial treadmill size will smaller a little than commercial treadmill, so the max load bearing will lighter to around 150KG,the length of daily work time will shorter two hours than heavy duty treadmill.But light commercial treadmill fit for hotel gym which no need to bear too many people exercise at everyday also with cheaper price than commercial treadmill. SUODUN fitness manufacture 4 light commercial treadmills,meet different gyms need.

wholesale curved treadmill

Curved Treadmills

Curved Treadmill Manufacturer - Curve Treadmill For Sale. Suodun Sports equipment Co.,Ltd. - China Customized Top Commercial & home Treadmill Manufacturer!

Unpowered treadmills use slope adjustment and human gravity to complete running training. There is no need to use motor power when running, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, advocates green sports, and conforms to the concept of green sports. At the same time, no power motor is needed, which gives the treadmill a longer service life.

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