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Mainstream cardio machine includes Treadmill, Elliptical machine, Rowing machine, Spinning bike etc.We talk about advantages and disadvantages of these equipments.
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Advantages and disadvantages of mainstream cardio machine

Mainstream cardio machine includes Treadmill, Elliptical machine, Rowing machine, Spinning bike etc.We talk about advantages and disadvantages of these equipments.


Running is the most accepted way of fitness exercise, so treadmills have the highest penetration rate in aerobic fitness equipment, but it does not mean that treadmills are suitable for everyone.

home treadmill

Advantages of treadmill

  • Easiest to be accepted by the public
  • Easy to get started
  • Foldable to reduce floor space

Disadvantages of treadmills

  • Unavailable after power failure
  • For novices , only a single aerobic exercise can be done, and only the legs can be exercised
  • Expensive, various functions with a price of less than 5000 are not ideal, especially shock absorption
  • The impact on the knee is greater, the heavier the weight is
  • Loudest
  • The machine with poor safety and the most safety accidents
  • High idle rate

In summary, there are many shortcomings of treadmills. If you can overcome these shortcomings, it is good for most fitness laymen. After all, you can run without going out.

Elliptical machine

Also called ellipsometer, it is designed to imitate the elliptical movement of human walking. On the Internet, many people compare the exercise (weight loss) effects of these types of equipment, saying that the effect of the elliptical machine is weak, which is wrong. Because the effect of exercise depends on the heart rate, you adjust the resistance of the elliptical machine and follow the same pace, the effect is not worse than other equipment.

advantage of elliptical machine

Advantages of elliptical machine

  • Can exercise upper and lower limb muscles in many ways, and the effect of training buttocks is very obvious
  • The joint impact is small and it is not easy to damage (this is good for fat people and people who need rehabilitation)
  • Low noise, no vibration
  • Fair price

Disadvantages of elliptical machine

  • Most of them cannot be folded and occupy a large area
  • Low energy consumption for jogging

In summary, the elliptical machine is very suitable for mass fitness equipment, but for many people because they don’t know this equipment, they miss the best choice. The selection points are as follows:

  • The front flywheel is generally better than the rear
  • Compared with spinning bikes, the weight of the flywheel is not so important for the elliptical machine because the machine is larger as a whole. Some advocate the weight of the flywheel as a selling point. The actual weight of the flywheel also contains moisture. What is more important than the flywheel is the net weight of the machine, which is stable when the net weight is high

Rowing machine

Rowing machine is also called rowing machine, a machine used to simulate water rowing. Rowing machines are popular in many countries because of the TV series "House of Cards". Indoor rowing competition has become a professional competition. Rowing machines are also commonly referred to as ergometers, which measure the power consumed by the athlete during exercise.

advantage of rowing machine

Advantages of rowing machine

  • Can exercise the whole body muscles
  • Burn fat quickly
  • Joint impact is small, not easy to damage
  • Low noise
  • Fair price
  • Can do strength training

Disadvantages of rowing machine

  • Trouble in maintenance and daily use of water resistance rowing machine
  • Highest idle rate
  • Difficult to use, correct posture is the most difficult to learn

Rowing machines can be divided into three types according to resistance: water resistance, wind resistance, and magnetic resistance. The three differences are as follows:

  • Noise level: wind resistance>water resistance>magnetic resistance
  • Real boating simulation degree: water resistance>>other
  • Maintenance difficulty: water resistance>other

It is generally recommended to buy water resistance, how to buy, remember the following guidelines:

  • Walnut > ash => other woods, don’t choose sloppy woods, which will quickly become tofu
  • Polycarbonate water tank is better than all other water tanks; be sure to choose adjustable resistance; double guide rail is better than single guide rail

Spinning bike

When they see spinning, many people immediately think of the cycling lessons in the gym, which is actually an unscientific exercise method. That kind of class is not very friendly to newbies who have just entered the gym , or those with poor cardio respiratory function and low blood sugar when they have not eaten enough. After a year in a gym, after taking a spinning class, many people need rehydration, and some even fainted directly during the course. I really recommend that families buy spinning bikes, so that they can avoid being affected by the gym's cycling lessons .

advantage of spin bike

Advantages of spinning bikes

  • Fast fat burning, suitable for medium to high level aerobic exercise
  • Joint impact is small, not easy to damage
  • Low noise
  • Lower price

Disadvantages of spinning

  • Not suitable for overweight and overweight people, you won’t be able to stretch
  • Mainly exercise the leg muscles, if the stretching is not in place, it will cause the legs to be thick. On the contrary, the stretching and posture in place can exercise the buttocks and reduce fat
  • Practicing on your own is too boring, and more professional courses (not the dance of demons) are needed than other aerobic equipment
  • The safety performance is low, especially the fast riding is more likely to be injured
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