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Is it necessary for a home used treadmill to have a color screen?

Home treadmills have a screen whose function is mainly used to display data. According to different configurations, they are divided into blue screen and color screen.
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Nowadays, home treadmills with screen whose function is mainly used to display data. According to different configurations, they are divided into blue screen and color screen. Some color screens can reach 10 inches. Because of the color screen, the price of treadmills has also increased. Is it necessary for a home treadmill to have a color screen? How practical is it?

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Blue screen

The blue screen is small in size and can only be used to display data. Most of these treadmills are more professional and have fewer entertainment functions. There are many blue screen treadmills whose only entertainment function is mp3. If you need to watch videos, you need to set up an IPAD yourself. They are more focused on running this function, which is very important for athletes or professionals.

Color screen

Nowadays, most of our common home treadmill display screens use color screens, which have been improved in the treadmill function, and the sizes are different, generally not too small, usually, the same size as a tablet, the bigger the more expensive, of course, The price of the entire treadmill has also risen. The price difference of a color screen is several hundred to 1,000. The function is to watch videos while running. The entertainment function is stronger, which can solve the boring feeling during running. The appearance may look past you. I think it will be more atmospheric.

Cost issue

The cost of the color screen is higher than that of the blue screen. If a treadmill costs more than 1,000 yuan, and it also has a large color screen, it must be a gimmick. I advise you to buy this kind of treadmill carefully because the screen quality is so poor that it can’t be done. Watching videos, such a big screen is a gimmick.

As far as the price of a treadmill in the domestic market is a few hundred yuan, you can get one at a few thousand yuan. The low-cost vicious competition is fierce, and the quality is getting worse and worse.

Originally, treadmills are products with very high hardware requirements, especially motors. On the upper and lower control panel, if you install a color screen and want to fight a price war, what should you do? Only reduce the quality of the hardware, and inferior products are rampant in the market. In the end, what you buy a home is not a treadmill, but a one-off. E-waste, how do you feel?

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Perception problem

When watching a video on a treadmill, the eyes will constantly adjust. The video content is rich in color and the scene changes quickly. It will make the eyes uncomfortable for a long time. To coordinate with the changing position of the movement, the eye muscles move much more than usual, and the eyes are prone to fatigue and cause soreness. This will affect vision in the long term.

Security Question

The video content is very attractive and makes you forget that you are running on the treadmill. This unity causes safety problems. When your attention is only focused on the video content, but you don’t know what is the problem on the treadmill, then start running. The probability of falling from the top of the machine is very high.

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we suggest:

Color screens can be the icing on the cake. If the budget is sufficient, a color screen is not a bad idea. After a high-end treadmill is equipped with a color screen, you may feel that it is more upscale. Something is better than nothing. However, we suggest not to buy a treadmill within 2000. The main function of a treadmill is to run. A screen also costs a lot. If a treadmill with more than 1000 is equipped with a color screen, the internal core components of such a treadmill Where can the quality of the product be better? If the cost is spent on the blade, the quality is high and durable! The screen is just a fancy thing, it doesn’t have much real meaning

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