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8 square meters home gym configuration plan

Do you have to go to the gym? How do you exercise without going to the gym? Build a small gym for the whole family at home.
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Do you have to go to the gym? How do you exercise without going to the gym? My advice is that you don't have to go to the gym to get fit. If you have the confidence to stick to fitness, but you can't go to the gym for various reasons, you can choose to build a small gym for the whole family at home. Even if the equipment is not as good as the normal gym and the atmosphere is a bit poor, but you can start exercising at any time without being affected by others, without being restricted by weather, time, etc. In comparison, there are still many benefits.

What fitness equipment does the 8 square meter home gym have? Home treadmills, steppers, >elliptical machines, ab wheels, yoga mats, pull-up bars, tummy boards, elastic bands, dumbbells are all affordable and functional fitness equipment.

The 8-square-meter home gym can basically accommodate 2-3 people for exercise. Treadmills, steppers, and elliptical machines are aerobic fitness equipment, and are fat-burning artifacts. Pull-up bars, abs planks, and abdominal wheels are all core strength training exercises that are good brothers for building muscles.

home gym configuration


Affordable Home Gym Solutions

Cardio equipment: Treadmill (required) Elliptical machine/stepper (choose one)

Strength equipment: A set of dumbbells/multifunctional training bench (choose one)

Others: yoga mat, abs wheel

Luxury home fitness program:

Cardio equipment: Treadmill, elliptical machine (required)

Strength equipment: set of dumbbells, Abs plate, Comprehensive trainer (depending on the type of apartment, purchase according to personal needs)

Others: yoga mat, ab wheel, pull-up bar


Treadmill price: 500-1000$

Home treadmill is a full-body exercise equipment with high exercise intensity. It can

1. Exercise your bones and muscles, especially those working people who lack exercise

2. Treadmill for weight loss, treadmill is the best choice for consuming calories

3. Improve physical fitness and shape body

4. Anytime, anywhere, simple and fast

Elliptical machine price: 300-500$

The elliptical machine is a full-body exercise fitness equipment with low exercise intensity. It can

1. Improve cardiopulmonary function, also help to lose weight, strengthen leg muscles and improve overall physical fitness

2. Active sports rehabilitation training can be realized

3. The elliptical machine is one of the best exercise equipment to protect your joints

Dumbbell bench price: 400-1500RMB

Dumbbell price: 50-300RMB

Dumbbell benches and dumbbells are a highly recommended combination and the most practical combination. Because the two kinds of equipment add up, there is almost no muscle on the body that cannot be practiced. The most functional, dumbbells are recommended to buy the kind that can be disassembled and weighted, and the dumbbell bench should be noted that it is a "dumbbell bench" rather than that kind of abs.

Abdominal wheel price: 40-80RMB

Inexpensive, small, and highly fungible, versatile, great workout, if you use it correctly, it can cause "tons of damage" to your abs and make your core rock solid.


It is suggested that according to the apartment type, budget and fitness needs, for example, if you need to lose weight, it is best to match the treadmill with anaerobic fitness equipment. If the fitness equipment is placed on the balcony, pay attention to the placement of the equipment.

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