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Rowing Machine VS Elliptical Machine! Which is better

The similarities between an elliptical machine and a rowing machine.The difference between an elliptical machine and a rowing machine
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The similarities between an elliptical machine and a rowing machine

1. In Aerobic exercise field. Whether it is an elliptical machine or a rowing machine, it belongs to the category of aerobic exercise that does not require high explosive power, can easily continue to exercise for more than 15 minutes, and can effectively burn fat.

2. Indoor equipment. Both elliptical machines and rowing machines are sophisticated cardio machine. Except for the simple equipment that is not afraid of wind and rain with pure mechanical construction, most elliptical machines and rowing machines need to be used indoors.

3. Rely on flywheel inertia and friction resistance. Most elliptical machines and rowing machines are equipped with flywheel components of 4 kg and above. During exercise, not only can the driving weight and inertia be used to exercise the body, but also the resistance generated by the contact friction device or the magnetic control device can be used to burn more fat.

elliptical machine in home gym

The difference between an elliptical machine and a rowing machine

1. The exercise position is different. The exercise positions of the elliptical machine mainly include the muscles around the knees, thighs, buttocks, waist and abdomen muscles, and arm muscles; the exercise positions of the rowing machine mainly include the arm muscles, lower back muscles, and leg muscles.

2. It takes up different spaces. Elliptical machines are mostly placed upright and small in size and take up little space; rowing machines are mostly laid out flat. Although the size is not much different from that of elliptical machines, it will take up more space during use.

3. The applicable people are different. The exercise intensity of the elliptical machine is moderate, the standing posture is often used during exercise, the sports injury is small, and the resistance is flexible and adjustable. It is a kind of aerobic exercise equipment suitable for all ages and men and women. The rowing machine is similar to the elliptical machine in terms of resistance control, but You need to adopt a sitting posture and have higher requirements on the strength of the back, waist, and abdomen (or more improvement), which is more suitable for young and middle-aged friends.

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Which is better, elliptical machine or rowing machine?

1. There is no best, only the most suitable. If you just want to lose weight and burn fat, both elliptical machines and rowing machines can do the job. Choose according to your personal preferences and physical characteristics. In addition, the rowing machine has a better effect on the burning of body fat and the shaping of the abdomen, back and arm lines; in addition to the evenly burning body fat, the elliptical machine will be more significant for the shaping of the legs, buttocks and other parts. Effect.

2. Personal suggestions. If there are not too many shaping requirements for the arm and back muscles and lines, taking into account factors such as exercise methods, price, and applicable people, individuals are more inclined to use elliptical machines for indoor aerobic exercise.

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