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1. Body muscle aerobic exercise. 2. More friendly to knee joints. 3. One of the best cross-training for a wider crowd. 4. Exercise intensity can be freely switched between aerobic and anaerobic.
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There are many home fitness equipment, each with its own characteristics, but in the end, it is hoped to achieve the effect of reducing fat. Among the equipment, only the rowing machine has the best effect.

overview rowing macine

1. Body muscle aerobic exercise:

The rowing machine has a good effect on muscle strengthening of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back, shoulders, and arms, and can exercise up to 80% of the muscles of the whole body. Each stroke will complete a complete contraction and extension of the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist and abdomen, and back.

rowing machine's detail

2. More friendly to knee joints:

The posture of the rowing machine is a sitting posture, which has little compression on the knee joint and has a low risk of injury. It can be used as rehabilitation training after knee, ankle, plantar fascia, and joint injuries.

rowing machine's detail

3. One of the best cross-training for a wider crowd:

It is suitable for a wider age range. It is different from running and other exercise methods that have an impact on the whole body. It can be used in women's menstrual periods and can be used to ease exercise in the second trimester. The elderly can also be used for relaxation and health care. Friends who often run and sedentary white-collar workers often lack upper limb exercises and often suffer from strain on the shoulders and backs. The rowing machine can help stretch the back muscles and spine joints during exercise. The exercise on the back and back is particularly obvious, which relieves the symptoms of shoulder and back pain...

rowing machine's detail

4. Exercise intensity can be freely switched between aerobic and anaerobic

A rowing machine is one of the few fitness equipments that coexists aerobic and anaerobic. Fast strokes with large resistance in a short time are anaerobic exercises, which exercise muscle explosive power; uniform speed and low-to-medium resistance strokes can exercise muscle endurance, which is biased towards aerobic exercise. Achieve the effect of fat reduction.

placed vertically

Our rowing machine tank is the use of tanks of aircraft-grade material, it will not leak very good, lying is more at ease at home.

There is also this rowing machine that can be placed vertically. I think many rowing machines on the market can be placed vertically, but I need to consider the problem of the water tank. Putting it vertically can easily cause the water tank to leak. The airtightness of aviation-grade materials will be better.

Rowing machines are recognized as versatile, but many people do not use them, or the posture is very incorrect, so it is easy to have poor exercise effects and think that the rowing machine is useless. So when you exercise, you must master the posture of the exercise, get used to the rhythm of each exercise, and ensure that every pull is correct, and there will be good results.

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