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Running at home is convenient, incorrect methods make the exercise effect unsatisfactory. Some people may make mistakes, which will make the exercises less effective, and even accidents may cause unnecessary harm to the body.
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How many mistakes did you make with the treadmill

Since it is not affected by weather and venues, home and commercial treadmills have taken a big role in many families. However, running at home is convenient, incorrect methods make the exercise effect unsatisfactory. Some people may make mistakes, which will make the exercises less effective, and even accidents may cause unnecessary harm to the body.

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Mistake 1: Run too fast once you get on the treadmill

Before getting on the treadmill, you should do warm-up activities. Pressing legs, squatting, stretching muscles, flexing and extending joints, etc. It can increase the temperature of the muscles and make the muscles softer and not easy to strain. After getting on the treadmill, you should start with dynamic warm-ups such as slow walking and jogging, and gradually increase the amount of exercise. This process usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. When getting off the treadmill, you should also gradually slow down to avoid dizziness.

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Mistake 2: Running time is too long

When running, the body's energy supply is from sugar to fat, and then to protein. Jogging for more than half an hour will consume fat, and more than 1 hour will consume protein.

Therefore, if the goal is to lose weight, exercise time should neither be too short nor too long.

Mistake 3: hold on to the armrest when running

Running with the hands is not only the movement of the legs, the coordinated swinging of the arms can not only maintain the balance of the whole body but also allow the upper body to participate in energy consumption. Some people run and hold the handles and lean forward, which will increase the pressure on the lumbar spine, which will cause lumbar muscle strain over time. In addition, during running, the impact force received when the soles of the feet land are almost 5 times the body weight, and the forward tilt of the center of gravity will bring greater impact to the legs and foot joints.

Therefore, when you exercise on the treadmill, you must retract your abdomen and chest, and tighten your lower back muscles.

mistakes you make with the treadmill

Mistake 4: The higher the slope, the better

Increasing the slope and speed of the treadmill will increase the exercise intensity, and the choice of exercise intensity varies from person to person. For example, in middle-aged and elderly people running too high a slope will increase the damage to the knee joint, so it is best to exercise in a horizontal state. And the speed is not as fast as possible. In different sports such as fast running, jogging, fast walking, climbing, etc., the proportion of energy and matter consumed by the body is different. For example, fast running can consume more sugar but consumes less fat. Simply using this method is not conducive to exercisers with the goal of losing weight.

Mistake 5: Don't wear shoes or wear the wrong shoes

Some people use treadmills at home to run with their feet or wear socks only. In fact, when running barefoot, the vibration of the treadmill will cause unnecessary damage to the knees, ankles, and other joints, and the soles of the feet can easily slip and fall due to sweating.

Wearing a pair of thick socks can achieve a certain shock absorption effect, but after all, socks do not have the elasticity of sports soles and cannot replace sports shoes. Therefore, it is best to wear jogging shoes when exercising on a treadmill.

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Mistake 6: Watching TV while running

A little carelessness can cause injuries, especially for those who are not familiar with the operation of treadmills and those who exercise high intensity. Those skilled in jogging can choose some fast-paced or relaxing music.

Mistake 7: Treadmills are only used for running

The multifunctional treadmills has made it more than just a running conveyor belt. Additional items such as rowers, presses, and bicycles enable people to exercise cardiopulmonary function, upper and lower limb muscles, waist and back abdominal muscles on the same machine. In addition, adding dumbbells and other training on the treadmill can exercise more muscle groups. But what needs to be reminded is that this type of exercise is best carried out under the guidance of a professional fitness coach.

The above are the 7 mistakes that fitness experts point out that newcomers are easy to make. In general, when using a treadmill to exercise, everyone should pay attention to the correct method, wear suitable shoes, and be attentive. Watching TV while exercising.

tips about running on the treadmill

9 tips for safe use of treadmills

  • Before exercising in any health club, you must have a physical test. If you have a history of disease or drug allergy, you also need a doctor's certificate. Safety always comes first.
  • Wear suitable clothing, especially sports shoes, and be sure to choose a pair of comfortable and well-fitting sports shoes.
  • Before using the treadmill, check whether the placement of the treadmill is stable and whether the tabletop is dry.
  • Before starting exercise, stand on both sides of the treadmill with your feet on the pedals and clamp the emergency brake clips to your clothes.When everything is ready and the treadmill starts to rotate, put your feet on the surface of the treadmill. If you use it for the first time, you need to put your hands on the handles on both sides.
  • When you exercise, look ahead, don't turn your head suddenly, let alone look back, otherwise, you will lose your balance.
  • If your balance is not good, do not hold heavy objects when running.
  • Don't run backward on the treadmill, or do some dangerous moves.
  • At the end of the training, you must let your heart rate drop below 120 beats per minute before you can press the stop button.
  • When you get off the treadmill, you must wait for the table to stop completely. Many accidents happen at the end of the exercise.
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