Abdominal Crunch Back Extension Machine

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Abdominal Crunch Back Extension Machine for sale

The Abdominal Crunch + Back Extension machine is a versatile piece of gym equipment designed to target and strengthen both the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles.

Here's an introduction to this product


The Abdominal Crunch + Back Extension machine typically consists of a padded bench or platform with adjustable leg and body pads. It may also feature handles or grips for stability during exercises. The machine allows users to switch between abdominal crunches and back extensions by adjusting the settings.


This machine serves a dual purpose, enabling users to perform two different exercises:

Abdominal Crunches

With the bench adjusted for abdominal crunches, users lie on their back with their feet secured under the leg pads. They can place their hands behind their head or cross them over their chest. Engaging their abdominal muscles, they lift their upper body toward their knees, contracting the abs, before slowly lowering back down.

Back Extensions

When set up for back extensions, users lie face down on the bench with their hips at the edge and their feet secured under the leg pads. They can position their hands behind their head or cross them over their chest. Engaging their lower back muscles, they lift their upper body off the bench, focusing on extending the spine, before slowly lowering back down.


To use the Abdominal Crunch + Back Extension machine, users adjust the bench and leg pads to their desired settings for either exercise. They should maintain proper form and technique throughout each movement to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury.


This machine offers several benefits, including:

Strengthening both the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles Improving core stability, posture, and overall spinal health Enhancing functional strength for daily activities and sports performance Providing a safe and controlled environment for core and lower back strengthening exercises

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Technical Data

Machine Size1080*1043*1629mm
Machine weight138 kg
Weight Stack100kgs(steel)
TubeSquare Tube:50*100mm, thickness 2.5mm, high strength steel tube oval tube precision welds and internally lubricated cables.
Powder Coating2 rounds (silver/black/dark grey/white/red + varnish)

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By sea, by air, by international express and etc.


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Yes,we have passed CE,TUV,ISO9001,SGS,BV.


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30%TT in advance,70% balance before shipment


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if quantity is less than 10 sets, ship time within 3days, 20feet container amount,produce time is 15days. If reach 40feet container amount, need 25days.


Could you give advice if offer gym size?


Yes, we have professional team, if you have new Gymnasium project, we also can give you our fitness equipment design in advance.


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Yes, we have the installation instructions and label No. which can help you assemble the goods.