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How to Use A Rowing Machine? First put your foot on the pedal and fasten it with a belt.Bend your knees toward your ches.Straighten your arms,bend your knees, move your body forward.
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How to Use A Rowing Machine | Beginner's Guide


1.First put your foot on the pedal and fasten it with a belt.At the beginning, adjust the resistance to a lower level and hold the handle with appropriate strength.

2.Bend your knees toward your chest, tilt your upper body slightly forward, push your legs hard to straighten your legs, and at the same time pull your hands to the upper abdomen, tilt your body backwards.

3.Straighten your arms, bend your knees, move your body forward, and return to the state it was at the beginning.

rowing machine in home gym

When using a rowing machine, about 80% of the main muscle groups of the whole body , including the legs, arms, back, abdominal core muscles, etc., will be involved. Rowing is a complete and efficient exercise; most gyms now have rowing machines. Whether it is used for warming up, as aerobic exercise, or planning for interval training, rowing machines can give you multiple wishes at once Satisfy.

Because the structure of the rowing machine is somewhat similar to treadmill and a spinning bike, but it is different from a treadmill in that the rowing machine can also exercise arm strength, and can adjust the weight by itself, so as to choose the exercise method that suits you. Generally speaking, if you choose to use a rowing machine to exercise, you must exercise for at least 20 minutes a day to be effective. Because 20 minutes before exercise, I was sweating, and then I started to burn fat slowly. Therefore, if you want to achieve weight loss, it is best to stick to the rowing machine for about half an hour every day.

Daily training on the rowing machine is also possible, but it should be adjusted according to personal circumstances. Generally, it is suitable for people who need to strengthen or exercise muscles. If it is just an ordinary need for strong health, it is not necessary to exercise daily. However, you still need to pay attention to the intensity of the exercise when training the rowing machine every day, so as not to damage the muscles, you can adjust the training intensity according to different physical conditions.

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