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As the most simple & direct way to lose fat, cardio exercise has always been a must-have exercise option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. When it comes to aerobic exercise, what about the fitness equipment you consider? Such as: treadmill, elliptical machine, etc. Today we bring you the new favorite in the cardio equipment industry - air bike.

What is an air bike

Air bike use unique wind drive technology to provide different kinetic energy conversion effects. Provides high-quality resistance output through high-performance drives, making exercisers more efficient. The greater the force on your feet, the greater the resistance the bicycle will give you, and the maximum training intensity will be reached instantly. So it is the standard training equipment for almost all CrossFit training gyms. This new machine has also become popular in CrossFit training halls around the world. Only relying on the force of the body to control the speed, it can be called a green low-carbon treadmill.

Advantages of air bike

The air bike is a new type of exercise bike with linkage of hands and feet. When stepping on the pedals, it drives arm movement, which is more effective than a single exercise bike.

Secondly, the air bike does not have the flywheel of the spinning bicycle, and it will not cause sports injury due to the huge inertia during exercise, which is relatively safer.

Finally, air bikes are designed with infinite wind resistance. The faster the movement, the greater the resistance, but the control is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and it is not easy to break. At the same time, the strength of wind resistance is also very effective for exercising individual upper body strength and endurance.