Excellent Self Generate Curved Treadmill with Magnet Resistance Adjustment

Manual Curved treadmill provides comfortable running experience, provide better sports effect.This type of running works more muscle groups than an electric treadmill.


  • 1. Motion mode: 1-8 gear adjustment.
  • 2. Brake mode: magnetically controlled resistance regulation.
  • 3. Running belt: ribbon type; aluminum alloy skeleton or high-strength nylon skeleton optional.
  • 4. Treadmill size: 1850 x 860 x 1580mm.
  • 5. Running belt size: 3600 x 480mm.
  • 6. Drive mode: Gravity drive.
  • 7. Speed limit range: 0-20km/h.
  • 8. Running area: 1500 x 430mm.
  • 9. Maximum load: 180kg.
  • 10. Net weight: 165kg
  • 11. Gross weight: 185kg
  • 12. Packing size: 1800 x 1000 x 560mm.
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Curved Treadmill - Energy-Saving

Curved Treadmill - Energy-Saving

<a href="/curved">Curved treadmills</a> use slope adjustment and human gravity to complete running training. There is no need to use motor power when running, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, advocates green sports, and conforms to the concept of green sports.