Excellent Self Generate Curved Treadmill with Magnet Resistance Adjustment

Curved treadmill provides comfortable running experience, provide better sports effect.This type of running works more muscle groups than an electric treadmill.


  • 1. Motion mode: 1-8 gear adjustment.
  • 2. Brake mode: magnetically controlled resistance regulation.
  • 3. Running belt: ribbon type; aluminum alloy skeleton or high-strength nylon skeleton optional.
  • 4. Treadmill size: 1850 x 860 x 1580mm.
  • 5. Running belt size: 3600 x 480mm.
  • 6. Drive mode: Gravity drive.
  • 7. Speed limit range: 0-20km/h.
  • 8. Running area: 1500 x 430mm.
  • 9. Maximum load: 180kg.
  • 10. Net weight: 165kg
  • 11. Gross weight: 185kg
  • 12. Packing size: 1800 x 1000 x 560mm.
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Curved Treadmill - Energy-Saving

Curved Treadmill - Energy-Saving

Unpowered treadmills use slope adjustment and human gravity to complete running training. There is no need to use motor power when running, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, advocates green sports, and conforms to the concept of green sports.