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1. A passive safety magnetic lock function 2. The continuous output power of the treadmill. 3. The speed range of the treadmill. 4. Whether with slope adjustment. 5. The effective running belt area of ​​the treadmill.
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How to choose a treadmill? Wholesale Treadmill from Suodun Fitness

1.First of all, for safety, it is first required to have a passive safety magnetic lock function, that is, when your body breaks away from the treadmill, you can quickly stop the running belt to prevent serious accidents.

2.The continuous output power of the treadmill: Please note that this is the continuous output power, not the maximum output power. Usually one horsepower treadmill can provide about 50-60 kilograms of carrying weight.

3.The speed range of the treadmill: Choose a treadmill with a speed range of 0-12Km/h to meet the needs of the family.

4.Whether with slope adjustment: a treadmill with slope adjustment can greatly improve the effect of aerobic training.

5.The effective running belt area of ​​the treadmill: The effective running belt area can provide a safe and comfortable running environment. It is recommended to choose a treadmill with as large an effective running belt area as possible.

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When purchasing a treadmill, you should not blindly pursue the grade of the treadmill, nor should you buy outdated old mechanical treadmills because of fashion, but choose a treadmill that suits your fitness needs according to your own fitness goals. Friends who consider buying a suitable treadmill can refer to our treadmill buying guide.

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