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Complete Treadmill Buying Guide

Table of Contents

Why should you buy a treadmill?

In daily fitness, what fitness equipment is relatively straightforward and efficient?

Scientific research has found that the easiest way to build health is to include walk or jog as part of your exercise plan. But bad weather, busy schedules and avoiding the gym due to COVID-19 are real obstacle to workout. Back then, it was helpful to have an up-to-date home running treadmill with lots of workout plans and entertainment features to keep you motivated and moving.

Treadmill, the most popular and classic fitness equipment, you can consider it as an indispensable equipment in fitness.

For runners looking for efficiency and effectiveness, the advantages of treadmills are self-evident. In fact, whether it's a weight loss runner, a serious marathon runner, or a fitness enthusiast, treadmill training is an efficient option.

Where to buy high-quality treadmills?

As a fitness equipment wholesaler , Suodun wholesales and sells various types of treadmills. Because we are manufacturers, we know more about the advantages and applicable groups of various types of treadmills. Different groups of people need different products , for beginners, we recommend light equipment for basic training. For fitness enthusiasts, we recommend light commercial type. If it is a professional athlete, of course, large-scale commercial use will be the choice. Let us introduce it next.

Portable - Could we workout not only in Gym, but also in Office

Trouble with getting your step up? A walking pad will help you a lot.

For office workers, is it impossible to exercise in a narrow workstation? The answer is no. In fact, the appearance of the walking pad has changed this situation. From the beginning of its design, the goal of walkingpad is to let those who likes running get a simple and compact treadmill, so that they can exercise at work, at home, etc. When not in use, it can be placed under the bed, sofa, or table, which greatly saves space.

The weight of a walkingpad is normally less than 25KG, it can be lifted with one hand, and you can take it to the company. It dosen't take up much space on you, just a little bigger than a backpack, and you can carry it in your suitcase even for short trips and business trips, so your fitness plan won't be interrupted.

When you finish training, you can fold and store the treadmill. When folded, the treadmill is only 12.9 cm height.Bottom transport wheels make it easy to move.

Most walking pads are completely flat - although Some walking pads come with a removable pole option, if you prefer - and control it with a remote.

In short, the walkingpad is a small, light and portable alternative to treadmills. As an emerging product for basic training in daily life, its price is also cheaper than most treadmills, saving you money (you know a good quality treadmill normally not less than 1000$) also ensures the continuity of your training plan.

Machine size - Different sizes, different training requirements

When we buy a treadmill, size is always an important criterion. How much space can be arranged for the treadmill in your house, where do you place the treadmill, bedroom or living room? In order to make a reasonable choice to reduce unnecessary waste, please measure your placement space before ordering.

Like our commonly home used compact treadmill , the width is generally less than 70cm and the length is less than 170cm. This type of treadmill meets the needs of small-sized families. If you are worried that the length of 1.7M will take up space, suodun treadmill provides a folding function, which can be folded up and placed in the corner when you complete the training plan. The space occupied is only 0.5 square meters; there is also a Mini treadmill that can be folded flat and can be placed under the bed, so that it does not take up space.

Heavy duty treadmills are normally means professional commercial treadmills for gyms. They are at least 90cm wide and 190cm long, larger in size, and higher than ordinary household treadmills. Moreover, these treadmills do not provide a folding function and are basically unlikely to be installed. at home. But its large size has the advantage of better fitness.

Electric or Manual Treadmill - Which one is king product in the gym

In the gym, the mainstream is the motorized treadmills, of course, there are also several manual treadmills, so what is the difference between them?

Manual curved treadmills do not use electricity to rotate the belt. Instead, a person uses their stride for power. Unlike an electric treadmill, which has a motor that moves the belt at a constant speed, the speed of the unpowered treadmill is the controller by the runner, The slower or faster they go, the faster or slower the belt moves.

Manual Curved Treadmill Motorized Treadmill
Cheaper price High Budget
Lack of Screen,built-in workouts, With Screen,built-in workouts,
Without incline With incline
More 30% Calories burning Less Calories burning
Could not connect with APP APP can connect APP by phone
Without electric Need electric connect
Easy to place Need be closed to electric power

The biggest difference between them is whether they need power or not. Of course, many details are not same. If you prefer to have more experience when running, the motorized treadmill will be more suitable for you. If you pursue more calorie consumption and knee protection, then the manual treadmill would be more suitable

Price - Treadmill price should fit your budget

First of all, treadmills are divided into cheap treadmill and luxurious treadmill according to different prices, which are determined according to your budget.

Why is the price of treadmills so different? The main differences are in the following point

  • 1. Motor power

    Continuous horsepower: The amount of power continuously output by the treadmill motor. If you like jogging, you need to check it. The bigger output, the higher the price of treadmill.

    Peak horsepower: The maximum power that the treadmill motor can output. Sprint running needs to consider on this data, Similarly, the bigger output, the higher the price of treadmill.

  • 1. The wider the running belt, the higher the price of the treadmill.
  • 2. Treadmill shock absorption mainly includes spring shock absorption, silicone shock absorption, air pressure shock absorption, suspension shock absorption and so on. Different shock absorption design, different price.

These are the things you should look at when purchasing running machine. If you can accept a relatively ordinary experience, the lower the price of the treadmill.

Confirm your purpose for buying a treadmill

  • 1. Occasionally run, only as a device to move muscles and bones, or just walk fast on it, without running, so you can choose a treadmill with general performance or a special walking pad, and the budget is about 300USD.

    Cheap treadmills are affordable to most people and are more cost-effective.

  • 3. If you have a stable running frequency, you only need to jog, not fast, so choose continuous horsepower around 1.25-1.5CHP, domestic treadmills can basically be satisfied, and the budget is 700USD.
  • 4. Like fast running, like sprinting, or professional running, long-term running, so you need to choose a professional treadmill with a continuous horsepower of more than 2CHP, try to choose a big international brand, and the budget is more than 1000USD.

In addition, if you are big weight, the continuous horsepower of the treadmill will be bigger, It is recommended to choose a treadmill with a large continuous horsepower value.

Incline adjustment - Transition from beginner to advanced

The incline adjustment of the treadmill is important, Not all treadmills have incline adjustment, and the incline adjustment is also divided into manual and automatic adjustment. In order to save costs, some models of treadmills have removed this function, thereby reducing the price. So does the treadmill need an incline adjustment function?

1: The benefits of incline adjustment

A treadmill with incline adjustment can enhance exercise intensity. Compared with ordinary treadmills, it can greatly improve the effect of aerobic training. In the same time, a treadmill with an incline consumes more calories. Because it's a way of simulating people climbing mountains, going uphill. For example, in the case of the same speed, increase the height to increase the effect of your movement. For people with poor cardiopulmonary function who endure high-speed exercise, incline treadmill is a good choice.

2: Is the incline adjustment practical?

When we use treadmills, incline adjustment is definitely useful, there is no doubt that very helpful for professional runner. But for beginner who rarely adjust incline, it does not make too much sense, for them, it is more important to keep running rater than adjust incline. If you are more active in sports, you may also prefer this feature. Therefore, So the question of whether it is practical or not, answer is individual because everyone's needs are different.

3: How much degree should the incline generally adjusted to?

For ordinary household treadmills, the incline is generally adjusted between 0-12%, which is basically enough. Some better treadmills may be higher, but they are only needed for professionals and are rarely used by ordinary families. As for the height of the slope, it is adjusted according to the actual situation of each person. There is no uniform standard. After all, everyone's physical quality is different.

0 degrees is equivalent to flat ground. Needless to say, everyone should understand that the speed can be selected according to your needs. Some people turn it to 1-2%, which simulates irregular road surfaces and makes training more realistic. It should be noted that when increasing the incline, it is necessary to reduce the speed appropriately. If you sprint on high incline, it is easy to increase the pressure on the knees and consume more physical strength.

Application - Home or Gym

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things, before we were used to going to the gym for running workout, now we are worried about the risk of contagion from positive cases, and many gyms have set up restrictions. So friends, what is the difference between using a treadmill at the gym and using a treadmill at home?

home&gym equipment stock in factory

Commercial treadmills are designed and manufactured for high-traffic and high-intensity training in gyms, health clubs, physical therapy clinics, and fitness centers. These cardio machines are extremely durable, low-maintenance, and support a variety of uses, from brisk walking to marathon training. Their consoles include advanced workout routines and entertainment electronics.

Home treadmills are designed and built for fitness enthusiasts who need a machine for occasional workouts, light workouts, or an alternative when it's wet, cold, or windy outside. The best household treadmill model have hinges that connect the treadmill to the vertical frame, making the foldable treadmill easy to store when not in use.

Commercial treadmill better than most home-use models in nearly every category: structural durability, motor power, suspension and runner support, belt movement, uphill and downhill simulation, exercise programs, and extra features. However, all of this comes at a higher price. While home treadmills are less expensive to buy, they tend to have higher maintenance costs and are more prone to damage from continuous use.

If you consider your treadmill to be an investment in equipment that can use for many years, a commercial machine is a better choice.

Now you've read the treadmill buying guide, look more for hot-selling with wholesale price treadmills that meet your needs.