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Home gym fitness machine seated elliptical cross trainer for sale

The cross trainer adopts high-precision large LCD screen and ECB magnetron power assist system;.

International high-precision technology, the motion trajectory completely conforms to the human body structure and human kinematics principle.

The product adopts a climbing design, which is compatible with the function of the stair machine.

Ultra-luxury PU foam grip, TPR environmentally friendly plastic buttons.

Adopt aluminum alloy slide rail, large diameter crown bearing and 8mm thick high-strength steel plate support structure.

The panel support steel frame adopts 3mm reinforced support steel pipe, which greatly strengthens the movement stability and support safety of the elliptical machine. Compared with other fitness equipment, the advantages of the elliptical machine are quite obvious.

The first is that the impact on the knee is small. Since the feet are always on the pedals when using the elliptical machine, it will not have a big impact on the knees like running. Very friendly to people with knee injuries or heavier weights.

The second is to mobilize the muscles of the whole body. When using the elliptical machine, it is necessary to coordinate the upper and lower limbs. Compared with the exercise that relies on the lower body to exert force on the spinning bicycle, the elliptical machine can achieve a better whole-body exercise effect.