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Purchasing gym equipment and wholesale fitness equipment should not only know how to calculate the cost, but also find a suitable manufacturer of fitness equipment.1. Familiar with market conditions.2. Find/reliable suppliers and fitness equipment manufacturers...
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Pay attention to these when purchasing gym equipment and fitness equipment wholesale

Purchasing gym equipment and wholesale fitness equipment should not only know how to calculate the cost, but also find a suitable manufacturer of fitness equipment. The following are some suggestions for purchasing friends, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

1. Familiar with market conditions

Understanding the current fitness equipment market is an important prerequisite for successful procurement, that is to say, only by knowing in advance what fitness equipment is good and what is popular can you know your purchasing goals. If you know nothing about the market, how can you purchase the right fitness equipment? When understanding the market, you must determine your approximate budget range, because different budgets correspond to different grades of equipment, and it is difficult to find suitable equipment if you are uncertain about the budget. Suppliers, in future articles, the approximate range will be given according to the grade. For example, although the budget is 1 million yuan, but a supplier offers 500,000 yuan, the buyer thinks that he has made a profit, so he directly finds a cheaper supplier, but suffers a big loss. The budget must be sufficient, in line with the normal market conditions, and extreme caution must be exercised if it is far from the market conditions.

2. Find/reliable suppliers and fitness equipment manufacturers

It is important to find a reliable supplier. The suggestion is: look for the general agent or factory of the brand. If the brand does not do direct sales or cannot radiate local later services in other places, you can find the local authorized dealer designated by the brand, even if the price may be higher than the brand direct sales. , but if there is a complete after-sales coverage, it is relatively guaranteed.

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3. Select products that have had a case

Compared to new products on the market, it is a shortcut for fitness equipment buyers to choose successful fitness equipment that has been used before. For example, large fitness clubs and star-rated hotels will use well-known international fitness equipment brands, and of course some will choose the most popular brands. In short, it is more reliable to choose fitness equipment that has had a successful case.

4. Seek real expert help

Experts have a wealth of industry theory and practical experience that is a treasure for buyers. In fact, I have seen many friends who want to open a gym. They often look for fitness coaches as their "learning" objects, and then it backfires. Fitness coaches are good at fitness training and courses, and the measurement of fitness equipment seems to be stretched. Fang often does not get the right answer. The real experts are those professionals who have been engaged in the production, evaluation and maintenance of fitness equipment for a long time.

If there is no real expert in this area around you, then when purchasing fitness equipment, it is better to choose a third-party supervisor, a buyer's broker, or a relevant unit or person from a third-party organization familiar with fitness equipment. Why do you say this? Buyers often don’t trust merchants, because all the plans of merchants are to sell more equipment and earn more money from buyers, while third-party buyer’s brokers give professional advice and planning for gym opening, and give whole-process advice Monitoring is also a good choice for gym investors who don’t want to waste energy on purchasing.

5. Choose fitness equipment and suppliers that are suitable for future development

What fitness equipment to choose and which supplier should be considered from the positioning and operation of the gym in the later stage. If this supplier is only a seller, in addition to providing products, it cannot provide more business help and advice to the purchaser. Then, there is a discount on the choice. Choosing a suitable supplier should not only provide excellent equipment, but also bring potential help beyond the equipment, such as whether the equipment can bring about the extension of the profit model. But the reality is that in the increasingly fierce fitness industry, many gym investors often start doing it without thinking clearly.

6. Don't push down too much

Negotiating price is a very sensitive matter. Of course, the purchasing party wants to purchase fitness equipment at the lowest price possible, but it should be noted here that it is okay to press the price within the acceptable range of both parties, but if it is too much, even if the supplier Agreed, they will also cut corners in some aspects and try their best to make themselves not lose money. For example, packaging, logistics, after-sales maintenance, etc., the final result is that it is neither high-quality nor cheap, but also adds a lot of trouble. So, don't push the price too hard, saving big money will save trouble.

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