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We must first figure out the difference between commercial treadmills and homeuse treadmill:

First of all, the use of commercial treadmills is mainly used in gyms, enterprises and institutions, fitness clubs, hotels, commercial office buildings and other public places.

Its advantages over home treadmills are generally reflected in the following main aspects:

1. The running belt is generally wider, basically between 45-65CM, while the home treadmill is generally between 40-51CM.

2. Commercial treadmills have a relatively large load-bearing range, generally between 120KG-180KG, while household treadmills generally have a load-bearing capacity of less than 120 kg.

3. Commercial treadmills generally use AC motors, while home treadmills use DC motors; during the use of commercial treadmills and home treadmills, the power of AC motors is greater than that of DC motors. The single continuous running time of the treadmill will also be longer, and the overall service life of the AC motor is longer than that of the DC motor.

Of course, commercial treadmills also have some disadvantages and shortcomings. These points determine that commercial treadmills are not suitable for use at home.

1. First of all, commercial treadmills occupy a relatively large area, and such a large treadmill cannot be placed in a general home environment.

2. In addition, most commercial treadmills cannot be folded, which is inconvenient to store, and is also an important factor that is not suitable for home use.

So when you choose a suodun treadmill, you need to consider your actual needs, after all, there are big differences between commercial and household treadmills.