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With the rise of fitness and health care, various equipment sports have begun to enter the home from the gym, from the original treadmill to the current home elliptical machine, spinning bike, rowing machine, etc., especially the rowing machine, although it belongs to the latter.

A rowing machine, also known as Rower, as the name shows,it is a machine used to simulate water rowing for training purposes. The rowing machine can stimulate the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest, and back, and can achieve a full-body muscle exercise effect.

Suodun rowing machines have many years of experience, and rowing machines can help you even more

The exercise effect is better, 20 minutes of rowing machine training is equivalent to 50 minutes of treadmill training.

  • There are more moving parts, the rowing machine can exercise more than 80% of the body's muscle groups as a whole-body exercise equipment. Front and other movements, hands, feet, buttocks, legs, and core muscles can all be trained.

  • The exercise process is safer. Compared with treadmills and spinning bikes, using rowing machines does not need to worry about knee or body injuries. The body has stronger self-control, and the rhythm and speed are more controllable.

  • It is suitable for a wide range of people, suitable for all ages, and has good exercise effect and high safety. It is also suitable for patients to do rehabilitation training.

Therefore, if the home space is limited, only one rowing machine can meet most of the exercise needs, especially the resistance can be adjusted by yourself.

Below is the video of Crossfit, we made for our clients for your reference.

Crossfit Video